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Letters, e-mails, queries, and such are most welcome. Please feel free to write and share your thoughts on this zine, suggest awesome books you’ve read with fabulous, body positive leading ladies (or men), or simply to give us your story. If you’re interested in submitting art or writing to the project, take a look at the guidelines!

What’s being said about LMLMB lately:

27 April 2015 – a message left on our blog by Cassidy:

I just picked this up at LA Zine Fest and I’ve read it three times now. Its truly wonderful. Inspiring me to write my own and maybe submit some day. In the meantime, need to get my hands on more issues! THANK YOU!

25 March 2014 – an excerpt from a blog post on joy & other things from Shawna E, one of our contributors:

Today, I took a copy of a journal where I had an essay published. She read it. She cried. She told me I looked beautiful, that I looked confident and healthy. We hugged, hugged again. She knew what it meant. She knew what writing about having an eating disorder and recovery and being healthy and believing enough to send writing out to be published meant. She had seen my pain and now she saw my joy.

It was wonderful.

I share it with you. I wish this publication was also online. It is only in print. It has some really good stuff in it all about body image and beauty and the truth of what beauty really is.

21 March 2014 – From Cassie M. of Etsy:

Brilliant, inspired, & much-needed in the world we live in. There need to be more publications like this.


2 thoughts on “Back Talk

  1. A question: I have a poem that seems a potentially good fit for your publication, about the ferocious power of grandmothers with cottage cheese thighs, etc., to create positive social change — but it appeared online several years ago, no rights (that I know of!) involved. Do you EVER consider previously published work?

    What you are doing is wonderful, and so timely! Our young women have little acceptance of their bodies and therefore of themselves; and frankly, neither do most of us who are old enough to know better!

    Comes the revolution!

    • Generally, we consider reprints of work we solicit, but if you notify us of all of the details in your cover letter, we will take a look. (Be sure to tell us when the poem was published, what format, if print, how big was the print run, and if it’s online, is it still up?)


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