Body Positive Distros & Vendors:

Sweet Candy Distro is based in Olympia, Washington, and run by the gorgeously tattooed mama, Sage. Sage also writes Tattooed Memoirs, a zine about living as a heavily tattooed woman in various places where it’s not so accepted (small town Georgia), and she edits a body posi zine called Fat-Tastic. Both are available on Sweet Candy’s website. Blurb:

This compilation zine is filled with stories revolving around being fat, dealing with fatphobia, loving your body and more. The pieces range from fatness in American culture, fatphobic family members, childhood bullies and inspiring words about body acceptance. It contains fat positive art & there is also a DIY tutorial on how to make positive affirmation cards.

Marching Stars Distro is based in the UK, and run by a wonderful lady called Lizzy. The distro carries all kinds of things, though it does tend to go on hiatus often. She tables a lot, which is a major plus, and you can usually find her at the London Zine Symposium.


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