Something Beautiful

We’re rolling through the submissions that came in at the end of our reading period, arranging what we’ve already accepted, and making final decisions. We’ll be going to press in the next two months, and we know you’re going to enjoy what we have for you.

In the mean time, we came across something really lovely what we’d like to share with you.

Stone Telling recently released a Body issue. Though we’re still perusing the website, the introduction by Rose & Shweta is amazing on its own, and we could not agree more:

Speaking about the body is a radical act. The body – with its ills, idiosyncrasies and secrets, its daring, its slow or rapid disintegration; the body that is beauty of old age and the pain in bones; the labored, uncertain gasping for air that supercedes all other desires. The body and the passions of it; the shame that is societally circumscribed and weighs us down like chains; the mind, which is a part of the body, in all its brilliance and defeat. […] The body dancing and at rest, the body wounded and healing, the body clothed in words or stripped bare. The body fat, thin, unapologetic, apologetic, too angry to be shy, not angry enough, the body that crosses boundaries, the body that says “I am here, see me, see me,” the body that whispers, “move on, there is nothing to see”.


Submissions Open!

Submissions are open for our second reading period! We’re particularly looking for poems and short or flash works of creative nonfiction and fiction. Our reading period currently runs May 10 – September 10 and October 10 – February 10.

Our previous reading period was successful, but we’re looking for a few more things to round out our first issue, as well as work for our second issue.

We can always use more art, artists.

We’re definitely into humanist pieces that are positive without being cutesy. While we appreciate struggle in just being an individual, we’re looking for things that ultimately come to a positive close, without apologizing for difference.

LMLMB reads via Submittable.

Submissions NOW OPEN!

Submissions are once again open for LMLMB (after a grad school hiatus).

Currently considering body positive: art, essays, letters, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction such as lyric essay, memoir, lists, reviews, etc. Also looking for comics or sequential art.

Send us your passion, your phobia, your discovered body-love. Write us a letter.


“I did not begin with craft, I began with strong feelings and worked toward craft.” Dorothy Allison


Please consult our full guidelines before submitting.

Love Me, Love My Belly

Welcome to our blog! Love Me, Love My Belly (LMLMB) is a a zine dedicated to the acceptance of self and imperfection as beauty. It’s about the space between us, our differences, our scars, our wobbly bits, and our power as it relates to the bodies we live in.

LMLMB grows out of a series of miniature zines called Fat Girl, a 15 issue run of a body positive, fat-friendly zine.

If there’s one thing we learn as people growing up in today’s media conscious, body obsessed, skinny jeans world, it’s that sometimes we have to say, “Wait. That isn’t me. I’m beautiful, and I’m not even airbrushed.”

We consider poetry, prose, and art. Prose, to us, includes everything from creative nonfiction to literary fiction to short stories that foray into science fiction. (Please make a note of your genre in your cover letter!) If body image or self acceptance is a theme in your work, consider sending it our way.

We’re interested in exploration of identity and self as it relates to the bodies we live in, these bodies with their scars, dimples, and wobbles. We encourage an overall positive or positive-seeking tone.

The first issue of LMLMB is open, no theme. Please see the submission guidelines and about pages for more information.